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Section Report 2016-2017

The Individual Rights and Responsibilities Section had a busy year and experienced a marked increase in event participation. The section continued its ongoing efforts to educate and promote discussion regarding civil rights and liberties and constitutional law issues. For example, the section continued its support of the Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights and hosted, along with the LGBT Law Section, the 11th Annual Bill of Rights Course: Litigating the Constitution, which brought together civil rights and constitutional law practitioners from across the United States. Highlights of this year’s course included presentations on the concept of privacy in a digital age, cyberbullying, and private prison litigation. The section presented the Patrick Wiseman Award to Meijken Westenskow in recognition of her distinguished civil rights work. Finally, the section co-sponsored a half-day CLE at the State Bar of Texas Annual meeting and hosted several happy hours throughout the year to facilitate networking among members and other organizations. The future of civil rights, constitutional law, and social justice legal issues looks strong, and the section looks forward to continued success.

-Matthew J. Kolodoski, Chair